Newgate Prison - more

Written on 10/18/2022
Robert Williams

All manner of criminals were imprisoned at Newgate, ranging from petty thieves to mass murderers. For the most part they were kept under appalling conditions and treated badly by warders. Many were executed publicly or later behind closed doors. In total, 1169 prisoners were executed at the prison.

A number of convicts who were transported to Australia were held at Newgate, most notably:

Mary Wade – transported for theft in 1789 on the Second Fleet – Youngest female transportee. Many descendants, including former PM, Kevin Rudd

Jorgen Jorgensen – transported for theft in 1825 – Adventurer, King of Iceland (1809), explorer, transported convict, Tasmanian constable (see reference below)

Ellis Casper – transported in 1841 for his role in the 1839 Gold Dust Robbery – death recorded in Melbourne in 1862

Owen Suffolk – transported in 1847 for theft and forgery – Bushranger and repeat offender, Writer (see reference below)

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